Case Study


Shedfield Growers, The Leen, Pembridge (Broiler Grower)

Having been recommended to Shedfield Growers, by house builders Jaques International, SecurCom completed the full Electrical Installation of a new mutli shed poultry site. Over the last 6 years since Securcom has continued to provide Electrical Servicing support for all of the electrical aspects at the site. Securcom then approached Matt (Farm Manager) to explain how CCTV could benefit him, when it comes to managing his site and bird welfare……and as you can see below the installation was a huge success.

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What do our customers think?
“The cameras are working well, I’m very impressed with the vision they give me in the back of the houses. It is a benefit that I’m able to monitor the bird’s activity without having to walk down and disturb them, with the capability to view the end pan and adjust my feed time in conjunction with when they eat the pan out. Also, yesterday I spotted that the wire that connects the inlets to the inlet motor had snapped, in the past that would not have been noticed until the afternoon walk or an alarm was triggered to show that the house was to cold. So, all in all a very good management tool” Matt at The Leen